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Grass Seed

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The typical Kentucky Bluegrass lawn requires between 24 to 30 inches of water during the growing season.  Grass seed requires 30% less, or 15 to 19 inches of water per season! And if you reduce your lawn area by a bit when you re-seed, imagine how much water you can save!

Why keep your lawn?  It’s okay if you don’t want to keep your lawn, but, lawns can be nice. Lawns also provide environmental benefits, including supporting soil health, sequestering carbon, and mitigating heat island effect. But it doesn’t help if that lawn is over-watered. The problem with lawn is, we choose the wrong kind, plant too much of it, and then over-water it. Changing to a more appropriate variety of lawn will mean a greener lawn and more water saved – it’s a win-win!

Why this grass seed? This grass blend/mix has been identified as being ideally suited for our service area by TWCA and USU.

Who is the TWCA? For twelve years Turfgrass Water Conservation Alliance (TWCA) has provided independent third-party qualification of drought tolerant turfgrasses. TWCA Qualified drought tolerant turfgrasses reduce water requirements by at least 30% over conventional cultivars.

Why are we selling the grass seed? Well, the short answer is – nobody else is selling this particular blend, especially identified for us by TWCA! And, with their contacts and support from Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District, we are able to offer the grass seed at a reduced cost. A 7-lb bag costs only $5.00 and will cover 1000 square feet!

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