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In an effort to ensure long lasting infrastructure and high quality culinary water and sanitary wastewater services, GHID is continually updating aging pipes and facilities and addressing problematic areas within these crucial systems. Our goal is to keep the Water and Wastewater systems in good repair in order to avoid costly emergency repairs when pipes break or collapse. It is our goal to carry out these projects and improvements with minimal disruption to our customers. Take note of our upcoming projects and feel free to contact our staff at 801.968.3551 with any concerns. Please be patient with us while we work to provide you with the high level of service you have come to expect from GHID.

Updated February 2019

17F: Tank Farm Master Plan

Consultant: Hansen, Allen & Luce

Contractor: To be determined

Status: This project is currently on hold, awaiting final Utah State Division of Drinking Water guidance on storage requirements. District staff are in the process of calculating storage requirements for submittal.

17G: Building A Reconstruction

Consultant: Design West Architects

Contractor: Broderick and Henderson Construction

Status: The project is substantially complete.

18B: 4100 South Waterline Replacement - Bangerter Highway to 5600 West

Consultant: Horrocks Engineers (WVC/UDOT - Local Governments Project)

Contractor: To be determined

Status: The project is out to bid on UDOT’s website. Bids are due March 7th.

18C: Meter 80 Piping & Breeze Chemical Feed Project

Consultant: Hansen, Allen & Luce, Inc.

Contractor: Burlington Civil, Inc.

Status: The Contractor continues to install piping and electrical conduits for the new building and has installed the sewer line to drain the sump located in the existing pump station. The work is progressing smoothly and is on schedule.

18D: Wells No. 12 & 14 Chemical Treatment

Consultant: Hansen, Allen & Luce, Inc.

Contractor: Petersen Brothers Drilling

Status: The District and Widdison Turbine executed the Agreement for Well 12 on December 31, 2018. The Notice to Proceed date is January 2, 2019 and Substantial completion is May 2, 2019. The Contractor is yet to mobilize and start work.

18F: Hillsdale WWPS Decommissioning & Gravity Sewer

Consultant: CRS Engineers

Contractor: To be determined

Status: The design work is complete. The project will be advertised for bids on or before February 14, 2019. The Prebid Conference will be held on February 20.

18G: MVC Waterline Betterments

Consultant: UDOT Design-Build Contractor

Contractor: UDOT Design-Build Contractor

Status: Met with UDOT’s Design-Build Contractor (CRS Engineers) on January 17th and 31st to discuss the waterline betterments design work.

18H: Pioneer WWPS Replacement Project - Site Selection

Consultant: Bowen, Collins & Associates, Inc. (Engineering)

Consultant: Mulvey Enterprises (Real Estate Agent)

Contractor: To be determined

Status: An offer to purchase a 0.52 acre parcel 500 feet north of the existing station was made the week of January 21, 2019. On the week of February 11, 2019 the property Owner indicated they will accept the District's purchase price offer.

18I: Well No. 12 Landscaping Project

Consultant: Project Engineering Consultants

Contractor: To be determined

Status: The consultant has completed the final design for the site. We will hold off on construction until the water quality study is complete and sites are selected, which may affect the design of this site.

18J: GHID Headquarters Landscaping

Consultant: J-U-B Engineers

Contractor: To be determined

Status: The District plans to bid the project in phases. The Consultant sent cost estimates and phasing plans for the District’s review on February 7, 2019. A follow-up design meeting was held on February 12.

18K: Printers Row Waterline Replacement Project

Consultant: Stanley Consultants

Contractor: To be determined

Status: Design is ongoing. This project involves a contractor prequalification process which will be advertised in the next 2 - 3 weeks.

18L: Well No. 16 Generator Replacement

Consultant: Bowen, Collins & Associates, Inc.

Contractor: Nelson Brothers Construction Company

Status: Construction is ongoing.

19A: Sewer Rehabilitation Project

Consultant: None - GHID Design

Contractor: Planned and Engineered Construction, Inc.

Status: The construction contract is in place. Work will not start until the summer of 2019.

19B: Manhole Rehabilitation Project

Consultant: None - GHID Design

Contractor: To be determined

Status: Numerous manholes on 3100 South are located downstream of forcemain discharge locations. These manholes have experienced significant corrosion due to high concentrations of hydrogen sulfide in the forcemain discharge stream. This project will rehabilitate 16 manholes by lining the interior with polymer concrete inserts. Bidding documents were distributed to Contractors on January 3, 2019. A Bid Opening was held on February 7, 2019.

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