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​Plan Review and Availability

Engineering Review FeesRate
Plan Review (Residential, Single Lot)$75.00
Plan Review (Residential, Multiple Lot)$100 + $50 per lot
Plan Review (Residential, Medium to High Density (<=20 units per acre)$100 + $25
Plan Review (Residential, Very High Density (>20 units per acre)$100 + $10
Plan Review (Commercial/Industrial/Institutional)$250.00
Plan Review (Tenant Improvement)$75.00
Plan Review (with Grease Trap)+ $250.00
Plan Review (Utility Relocate/Realignment)$100 + $10 per foot
Plan Review (Municipal/County/State Projects)$100 + $10 per foot
Pre-Construction Meeting$200.00
Availability Letter/Hydraulic Modeling$300.00
Easement Review (each)$150.00
Easement Preparation$2,500.00
Plat Review$150.00


Plan Review Application.pdfAvailability Application.pdfPlan submittal checklist - v1.6.pdf


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