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Water Rates

Effective January 1, 2022

Water TiersPrice (per 1,000 gallons)
Tier 1 (Less than 7,000 gallons)$1.77
Tier 2 (7,001 - 15,000 gallons)$1.90
Tier 3 (15,001 - 45,000 gallons)$2.20
Tier 4 (45,001 gallons and above)$3.00
Multi-Unit (apartments, condos, etc.)$2.10
Mobile Home Water Rate$1.77
Availability Fees                Price per month
3/4" and 1" meters$13.00
1 ½” meters$65.00
2" meters$104.00

NOTE: For firelines and larger meters, click here.


 Penalty Fees

Fee / ChargePrice
Returned Check Fee$20.00
Late Fee$20.00
Delinquent Turn Off Fee$50.00
Tamper Fee$75.00
Pre-litigation Collection Letter$50.00
Interest on Unpaid Balance/mo.1.50%
Collection Fee$20.00
Meter Testing Fee$150.00
Live Agent Payment Processing Fee$2.50

NOTE: For a complete list of fees and charges, click here.