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Rushton Water Treatment Plant Project (1490 W. 3100 S)

In December 2021, Granger Hunter Improvement District started a two-year project with Nelson Brothers Construction, to construct a treatment plant designed to improve the quality of water from our deep groundwater wells. The treatment plant was designed based on the results of a multi-year water quality study that started back in 2018. The treatment plant will consist of two filter vessels, capable of each treating 3000 gallons per minute. The filter vessels will improve the taste and aesthetic qualities of the water by treating the higher levels of iron and manganese in the groundwater. Funding for the project has been provided by the Department of Environmental Quality, Division of Drinking Water through the State Revolving Fund (SRF). It is anticipated that construction will be completed, and the filter vessels will be in operation by September 2023.



  •  Will this effect parking at Jordan Meadows Townhomes? No, the contractor will only park on the GHID site.
  • Will the contractor work at night? No, the contractor is only allowed to work during the day.
  • Will this project address the odor? No, this project is working to improve the quality of the drinking water. The agency that deals with the area wastewater, Central Valley Water, has an upcoming project that will address the infrastructure that allows wastewater odors to escape.
  • Will anything at Jordan Meadows Townhomes be effected? Yes, GHID is replacing the chain link fence between the GHID and Jordan Meadow properties with a decorative concrete fence. The GHID property will remain fenced throughout construction.
  • Is GHID doing anything to improve the appearance? Yes, GHID will further shield Jordan Meadows from the GHID site with landscaped vegetation and a new concrete fence.
  • What are some of the impacts residents may notice? Onsite machinery, increased truck traffic/backup alarms, dust during warm weather months and some mud during wet weather months, and increased noise during work hours.

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