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Projects Open For Bid

Granger-Hunter Improvement District uses Utah Public Procurement Place (U3P) to assist in the procurement process.

  1. To locate projects open for bids, proposals, or SOQs, type in “GHID” in the keyword search box.
  2. To view awarded projects and bid summaries, type in “GHID” in the keyword search box and select the “Awarded” tab.
  3. To view projects pending award, type in “GHID” in the keyword search box and select the “Closed” tab.

You may be asked to create a U3P account to view or bid on District Projects. You can register for a free U3P account here:


2022 Water Leak Detection Program

Granger-Hunter Improvement District (District) is implementing a multi-year (one year with the option to renew an additional four years) leak detection survey in 2022. Interested vendors will complete a field leak detection survey and submit all reports by the January 7, 2022 deadline outlined in the Request for Proposal. The objectives of the leak assessment effort include, but are not limited to: 

1.      Obtain field data on the average number and severity of undetected leaks per mile in strategic locations throughout the District as well as in in known hot spot areas.  Shall include precise location information for each leak.

2.      Aid with data development that supports proven quantification of approximate water loss due to undetected leakage.

3.      Provide information to support analysis of localized / sectional pipeline replacement programs.

4.      The use of industry best practices for equipment and survey methods to find the maximum number of leaks in the given survey area. 

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