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Water Line Inventory

To reduce lead in drinking water, the EPA introduced new lead and copper rules that tasked water providers with indenting the material of every pipe service line in their system.

Granger-Hunter has been working diligently to identify the material that every water service line is made of; Your water service line is the pipe that connects your home to our public water lines in the street. This line is owned by you the homeowner.

You may be able to help determine if you or your loved ones are being exposed by determining on your own if your service line is made of lead. Service lines typically enter the home in the basement or crawl space. If your home was built or if your water line was replaced after 1986, you should be safe. Please use the form below to notify us about your water line material.  You can also use the map linked here to see our current status and determine if your house has already been identified.

Service Line Inventory Map

If the pipe is lead, it will have a dull finish that shines brightly when scratched with a key or coin. Using a magnet can also help you identify a lead pipe because even a strong magnet will not cling to lead.

We appreciate your help in keeping your water safe.

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